Delinquent A/R Management: We Focus on the Back Office

Commercial Finance Companies – Small enterprises and large corporations alike turn to your company to support their growth. Indeed, you are often instrumental in helping your clients stay ahead of their competition. When a client of yours allows their account to become delinquent, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to stay ahead of your competition.

Collecting bad debt is a necessary function of your company. By integrating Kason Credit into your back office, you can then keep as your priority making sound investments and maintaining superior customer relations. Our priority will be recouping your money.

Kason Credit has extensive experience with collecting on loans of all types and have the ability to repossess collateral ranging in size from quads to excavators. Our collection services can be enhanced through our asset management services. What are you waiting for? Let us start working for you today.


We are your back office…whenever you need us.

Small Businesses – You want to be paid for your work; it is not a complex idea. Because you extend credit to other businesses you leave yourself at risk to not be paid. When customers default on the credit you’ve extended, debts can pile up and be devastating to your business.

Spending valuable time and good money paying employees to chase bad debt is not the best solution to your accounts receivable problems. What you need is a professional team of debt collectors who are skilled at finding debtors and collecting past-due accounts and who will work for free until they are successful.

What you need is Kason Credit. Contact us for a quote and to find out how we can help you.


Freight: Your A/R or Factor Charge-backs

Ocean, Air, Land, or Rail – 

The nation’s financial health depends on what you do. Your services provide the link between buyers and sellers. Without you the economy grinds to a halt.

Whether it’s fuel, insurance, equipment, or factors, the slice of pie left for you is marginal. At Kason Credit we understand that transforming your receivables into cash is an absolute imperative. We act accordingly.

Contact us today for a quote and start placing accounts immediately!