Collection Services

Kason Credit Corporation provides solutions to all of your delinquent accounts receivable management problems. Since 1979 we have been at the forefront of the collection industry with our service, technology, and personnel.

How We Get It Done


How We Work Your Accounts


Our staff is cross-trained in several specialty areas of collections. We have a firm understanding of the laws that regulate collection activity. Staff training occurs regularly. We will work with you to analyze your needs and tailor our services to those needs.

CONTINGENCY RATES  No cost to you until we collect

You have invested multiple assets in order to generate revenue for you and your company. Kason Credit is ready to become your asset. We invest our time, money, experience, and knowledge at no cost to you until we collect your money. Our rates are competitive and negotiable, based upon numerous factors.

FREE CREDIT REPORTING  Sharing your experience with others

With signed authorization from you and when appropriate, we will report debts to all three credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax). The debt will then appear on the debtor’s credit report. Most of our clients opt to take advantage of this free service. If you do not currently have a credit reporting agreement on file in our office consider completing one today. This service is available through the client resources login.

COMPLIANCE  Getting it done correctly

Kason Credit is licensed, bonded, and insured to collect on consumer and commercial accounts. Single beneficiary fidelity bonds are available where appropriate.

All staff receives continuing education in pertinent collection law including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLB), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Our priority is to not only understand the law but also understand the spirit of the law. In doing so, we protect debtors’ rights and your integrity.


Kason Credit is an agency of first resort. Contact us for a quote based on your default. (We do not accept second placements.)

ASSET MANAGEMENT  Servicing Delinquent Loans

Kason Credit has established programs for servicing asset-based lending delinquincies. All programs are industry-specific with client protocols integrated into our four-step program.

  • Step One: Collection of the delinquency and analysis of your asset.
  • Step Two: Repossession of your asset.
  • Step Three:  Remarketing of your asset.
  • Step Four: Collection of the deficiency balance.

Steps two and three involve integration with strategic alliance partnersContact us for more information on asset management.

SKIP TRACING  Finding your money

Having accurate, up-to-date information about your debtor is vital to collecting your money. Kason Credit uses traditional methods as well modern skip tracing techniques to locate people, including public online sources and proprietary information databases. If skip tracing becomes necessary, we do it.

LITIGATION  Legal forwarding & liaison services

Kason Credit is a full-service collection agency.

Our services are geared toward collecting your delinquent account. If initial collection efforts do not result in payment from the debtor with your authorization we will forward the account to a litigation attorney. We will then manage the lawsuit for you and provide information and guidance to you along the way.

Already have a judgment against your debtor? Submit the judgment to Kason and let us take care of the collections.

JUDGMENT ENFORCEMENT Executing on your judgment

Subsequent to successful legal action our legal staff will continue to facilitate the collection process so you don’t have to. Our mission is to turn your judgment into real money. We target assets in which your debtor has equity. You have our promise that we will leave no stone unturned when seeking to execute on your judgment.