“Kason Credit and its strategic partners do work for us in all 50 states. They are thorough and provide a complete delinquent accounts management service upon which we rely.”

– fortune 500 finance company

“We initiate multiple interactions with multiple members of Kason Credit’s staff on a daily basis. They are tireless in their work effort and their efforts produce excellent results.”

– statewide healthcare network

“Our base is almost exclusively elderly patients. Kason Credit’s staff is sensitive to our patients’ situations while simultaneously very effective in collecting our money.”

– multiple facility outpatient surgery center

“Kason Credit has helped us collect on delinquent accounts ranging from small balances to the largest debt our company has ever seen. In everything they do, one thing is clear: They know how to collect money.”

– regional recycler

“As a water company, our sensitivities are numerous: stockholders, customers, and regulators. All are of paramount importance. Kason Credit understands these sensitivities and maintains a strong collection rate.”

– regulated public utility company

“Our membership is spread throughout the region. We use Kason Credit and its affiliates as a total solution to delinquent account management for repossession accounts.”

– major New England credit union

“In a field like ours, there is neither time nor desire to talk to the patient about his insurance or how he is going to pay for our service. Kason Credit helps us get paid.”

– emergency medical service provider

“Our hard costs as well as factoring costs have reduced our margins to a minimally acceptable level. We need to collect our delinquents. I am astounded at how well Kason Credit does the job.”

– national LTL company

Should references be prerequisite to a business relationship, they will be provided.